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What's MedClub ?

MedClub is a closed digital lounge, made only for healthcare professionals to:

  • Share their experiences with each other.
  • Stay updated with the latest news information in the medical industry.
  • Learn through different educational methods: books, videos, courses with different levels, journals and live consultation from the experts in every medical speciality.
  • Seek job opportunities in any medical speciality.
  • Offer immediate complication management directly by consulting experts.



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Why MedClub ?

Private Medical Community

Exchange your medical knowledge only with MD doctors in a closed environment, and receive immediate consultation to resolve any complication case you might face.

Continuous Medical Education

Enroll in accredited courses from the top medical academies in your medical specialty, and get accredited certifications from the most elite medical institutions.

Specialized Medical Videos Library

See live procedures performed by the experts in your specialty, from the video library. and seek the medical information you need, directly from any book in the EBooks library.

Medical Job Posting Place

Pursue your dream career in the medical field, by applying to jobs in the job posting place.

MedClub Core Features

All what you need in one place

Expand Your network

connect with your peers worldwide and share your medical knowledge with professionals in your speciality.

Complication Alert

Consult our verified experts immediately in a case you need help with, and receive their reply within seconds.

Continous Medical Education

Enroll in MedClub Accredited courses with online and offline hands-on experience from well known world-wide institutes.

Videos Library

Learn all the new techniques and updates with MedClub specialized and well arranged videos library.

eBooks Library

Browse MedClub library and download your desired book based on desired clinical specialty in a reliable and easy to access way.

Job Posting Place

Apply to the jobs you seek in any medical field, and establish the career you dream of.


Download MedClub Now!

Join MedClub's worldwide community, expand your professional network with worldwide experts, share your knowledge and expertise and learn the latest updates in your field via a variety of methods; accredited courses, well arranged and specialized medical videos and Ebook libraries :)

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MedClub Xperts

Expand your network with our Xperts from all over the world


Dr.Eman Sanad

Scientific Speaker


Dr.Ahmed Abd-EL-Moez

Certified Trainer


Dr. Khanh

Certified Trainer


Dr.Ghofran Mahmoud

R & D Consultant


Dr.Eman Jarayseh

Certified Trainer


Dr.Shady Abdelsalam

Certified Trainer

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